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Skyclan's Currency

Skybucks is SkyClan's currency. It is used in every aspect of our Clan. Such as going on patrols, printing Skybucks, and many more.
SkyClan has many companies too. Fortunately, you can make your own company too, for only 15 SCB!

Sky News is a newspaper printed and wrote daily. Superfire and Adhithya currently manage this newspaper. Spikestar, Sky News's number one customer, says that there are three types of subscriptions.
"You could get Fast News - which costs 25 SCB each week, or Normal News, which takes 10 SCB, or Slow, which comes for 5 SCB each week. The difference is in the name - Slow comes two days late, Normal is on time, and Fast displays the previous newspaper also until the next one is published and it shows you the document while the editor is working on it.
If you would like to subscribe to Sky News, you must talk to Superfire and arrange with Spikestar so that he removes a certain amount each week.

Another company is Sky Movies. Sky Movies is run by Superfire's littermate: Speedclaw. However, Superfire works in Sky Movies. So does Spikestar. Sky Movies is aiming to open a theater and play movies. Or, you can choose to download a movie, which would take up an enormous 4-5 GB of your space.
However, watching movies is a much cheaper option if you are only planning on watching the movie a couple times. To watch in the cinema, it costs [blank] SCB. To download, it costs [blank] SCB. Below is a list of launched movies:
SkyClan: The Epic Evolution (Releasing TBD)
More coming soon!

Do you want to obtain some skills? SkyClan University has got your back. That's right. SkyCLAN University, not Sky University. This is one of the official companies of SkyClan.
SkyClan University offers a variety of courses some live and some recorded for as low as 10 SCB!
As of right now, there are only two courses. But welcome some more soon!
Krishna Consciousness by Spikestar (Live, 15 SCB)
Photo-editing by Superfire and Speedclaw (Live, 10 SCB)
More coming soon (coding math and others- see activities)!!!
To make your own course, simply contact any leadership role and then host live/record the sessions.

Darkfang's fun Company
This company is for fun in general and was founded by Darkfang. Currently he works alone but is open to new people for new ideas. He currently has 4 escape rooms and a tresure hunt released. (see activities)

If you are not interested in getting hired by these companies or making your own, feel free to get hired by SkyClan themself! SkyClan offers a variety of jobs that currently only a few warriors have taken. Remember, the jobs are limited!

SkyClan offers many, many jobs. For example, the first one worth mentioning is Website Designing.

Website Designing is for those who have any eye for detail and for those who are interested in making THIS site. Your payment will go all the way up to 15 Skybucks per design! Contact Spikestar for more details. Current Website Designers: Superfire

Also, you can get hired to print Skybuck bills. 4 Skybucks per 20 bills printed. To print, contact a worker or any member to find out how. Current workers:

You can get hired to code SkyBot. He will be assisting SkyClan and will be moving the Clan towards automation.

Plus, you can also make your own job! Send it in to Spikestar for approval.