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This is where you can have fun

First, before you do anything, you need to be in contact with SkyClan. For now, padlet is a reliable backup (, but Discord has arrived. Ask any warrior for the link to the discord, and they will give it to you. Or... Hangouts is a good option too. Just go to and contact anyone, they will ask Spikestar's permission to let you in.

Rocks from the Sky - Spikestar
Above the Sky - Hailstorm
Boom Bop Bing Badabopboop Pow - Spikestar

Video games-
Floppy Sky - Spikestar
Sky Fly - Spikestar
SkyCraft - Spikestar
This is the most pointless game. Ever. - Darkfang

Escape Rooms-
Darkfang's Escape Room(easy)
Leafshade's Escape Room(medium-hard)
Darkfang's other escape room(hard)

There are many fun unique sports that you can play from games similar to golf and football. DISCLAIMER: You do not need to use the required things to play the game as you could choose something else instead to replace that material. (Ex: For Skyball you can use a regular ball) THE SPORTS
-SkyMiton by Shortclaw
-SkyGolf by Speedclaw
-SkyThrow by Speedclaw
-SkyCatch by Spikestar
SkyClan also offers Clubs and even Industries!
-Tech Club

-Gaming Industry
-Coding Industry
-Science Industry
-Math Industry

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